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Live Police Scanner

I live in Sydney Australia and one of my many hobbies is listening to radio scanners. I own several models such as the Uniden UBCD396T, UBCD996T, UBC780XLT (which are the Australian equivalent to the Uniden BCD396T, BCD996T, and BC780XLT.

I also own the Radio Shack Pro-2096 (which you will be listening to if you choose to listen to the live police scanner. The stream will be of the NSW police here in Sydney. I set up a live police scanner so other people can enjoy the hobby as well

Tutorial Available

I've created a tutorial for anyone interested in setting up their own online feed. You can find it Here.

  • Maximum of 40 concurrent listeners to the live police feed. If you receive a protocol error. Just try a little later.

  • Requires Windows Media Player to listen






    Please note as of May 6th, 2008 the NSW Police began encrypting their voice traffic in the Sydney Metropolitan area. It's with great regret the feed is now permanently offline as it's impossible and illegal to try and decrypt the traffic. See news ticker for more info.

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